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The Edge Of Seventeen - Wikipedia


The Edge Of Seventeen - Wikipedia

The Edge of Seventeen is a 2016 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by way of Kelly Fremon Craig, in her directorial debut. The film stars Hailee Steinfeld, Woody Harrelson, Kyra Sedgwick, and Haley Lu Richardson.

The movie premiered on the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival on September 16, 2016,[three][four] and changed into theatrically launched on November 18, 2016, by STXfilms.[five]

It obtained positive critiques, with Steinfeld's performance being critically acclaimed, and grossed over $19 million towards a price range of $9 million.Plot[edit]

Nadine Franklin, a seventeen-yr-old high faculty junior in the suburbs of Portland, has tempestuous relationships with her famous older brother Darian and her image aware mother Mona, and only felt close to her father Tom, who died of a heart attack when Nadine changed into 13, leaving her exceptional friend Krista the handiest individual maintaining her buoyed.

At Nadine's domestic, Nadine and Krista get inebriated at the same time as Darian throws a pool party. Nadine falls asleep and Krista goes downstairs and talks to Darian. The next morning Nadine reveals Krista giving a handjob to a naked Darian in bed, straining their friendship. The next day they run into each different at school and Darian tells Krista how a good deal a laugh he had along with her, a sentiment she reciprocates. Nadine feels desperately alone and turns to her classmate Erwin Kim, who has a overwhelm on her, although Nadine is interested in older scholar Nick Mossman.

Darian invites Krista to a residence birthday party, who insists Nadine be a part of. There, Krista is introduced to other college students, leaving Nadine on her very own. After failed attempts at mingling, Nadine sits outdoor with another partygoer, who remarks how inferior Nadine appears compared to her brother, and Nadine leaves the birthday celebration. She invitations Erwin to an amusement park, in which his try and kiss her is rejected. They nevertheless end their date, and at the stop of the night Nadine tells him he is a brilliant guy and that they turn out to be true friends.

At faculty, Krista confronts Nadine for ignoring her, and Nadine bitterly tells her that Darian does not care approximately her and could quickly dump her. Offended, Krista retorts with the aid of announcing he just asked her to be his female friend and to promenade, that is months away. Insecure, Nadine makes her pick among herself and Darian. Krista does no longer need to select, and Nadine angrily ends their friendship.

Mr. Bruner will become Nadine's supply of emotional guide at college; she often vents to him and he jokingly guilts her by way of revealing she is his favourite pupil. Nadine has grow to be misplaced because of no longer having Krista. One night Erwin calls Nadine who unexpectedly hangs up on him. Nadine calls him returned soon in a while, and invites herself to head swimming in his pool, a good deal to his exhilaration. Nadine learns that his family is wealthy, however absentee after showing up to his big, and high-priced house. She additionally learns he is a skilled animation filmmaker, and accepts his invitation to their college's quick-film competition.

Driving to school, Mona and Nadine have an issue that results in Mona bringing Nadine with her to work. There, they argue about her past due father which ends up in Mona coldly telling Nadine that if her father were alive these days, he could be so disillusioned in her. Deeply harm via this, Nadine steals Mona's vehicle keys and drives away in her mom's vehicle. She writes a sexually specific text to Nick, and accidentally sends it while seeking to delete it.

Nadine confides in Mr. Bruner that she is going to kill herself, and he tries to calm her down. She receives a reply from Nick asking her to hang out. She hurries domestic and readies for her date, leaving a wake of destruction in her bedroom and rest room. Mona, nonetheless heated from Nadine's automobile robbery in advance that day, bursts into the house yelling for Nadine, only to find that her daughter is gone. She calls Darian, who is with Krista at a soccer team dinner, telling him that Nadine is lacking and Darian and Krista depart to discover her. Nick choices up Nadine and drives to an abandoned car parking zone through the water. While sitting in the car listening to a CD, Nick time and again tries to have intercourse with Nadine. Nadine pushes him away after eachattempt, which makes Nick very annoyed as he believed that because of the nature of her sexually specific textual content, she virtually desired to have sex with him. Embarrassed and heartbroken, Nadine runs away and calls Mr. Bruner, who reveals her in a close-by diner, and he drives her to his house wherein they wait along with his wife and toddler son until Darian arrives. The heatedly argue as Nadine believes he is most effective there so he can play the hero to their mother all over again. Darian tells Nadine that he has been laid low with the pressures of taking care of the family of their father’s location. Darian confesses that he feels trapped and did no longer apply to schools a ways away due to the fact he needs to be there for the own family. And it upsets him that Nadine hates his relationship with Krista, who has end up the satisfactory character in his lifestyles. After Darian leaves, Mr. Bruner takes Nadine domestic. Nadine goes to Darian and confesses her personal emotions of self-hatred, intensified by her envy of Darian. Finally reaching an information, they hug, finishing their feud.

The following morning as Nadine leaves for the film pageant, she runs into Darian and Krista on her way out; the siblings are newly congenial with every different, and the buddies reconcile and comply with seize up later. Mona awakens and frantically calls her daughter, who isn't always home once again. While watching for Erwin's movie to begin, Nadine sees her mom's messages and neglected calls. Realizing that Mona remains worried she has run away, Nadine texts that she is secure, and Mona makes a decision to believe her word. Erwin's lively movie is revealed to be a story about an alien boy who falls in love with a lady at high college, but is rejected. The animation surprisingly resembles Nadine because the girl is wearing footwear just like her favored pair.

After the movie, Nadine fingers Erwin vegetation she picked for him. Nadine then apologizes to Erwin for taking see you later to simply accept his affection. Erwin is congratulated through his pals and his crew, and introduces Nadine. She greets them with a smile, subsequently establishing as much as others.Cast[edit]

  • Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine Franklin,[6] Darian's more youthful sister, and Mona and Tom's daughter. Lina Renna portrays Nadine as a child.
  • Woody Harrelson as Max Bruner, Nadine's excessive school trainer and Greer's husband.[7]
  • Haley Lu Richardson as Krista, Nadine's satisfactory pal and Darian's female friend.[8] Ava Grace Cooper portrays Krista as a child.
  • Blake Jenner as Darian Franklin, Nadine's older brother and Mona and Tom's son, Krista's boyfriend.[nine] Christian Michael Cooper portrays Darian as a baby.
  • Hayden Szeto as Erwin Kim, Nadine's awkward admirer.[nine]
  • Kyra Sedgwick as Mona Franklin, Tom's wife and Darian and Nadine's mom.[7]
  • Eric Keenleyside as Tom Franklin, Mona's husband and Darian and Nadine's father.
  • Alexander Calvert as Nick Mossman, a boy that Nadine is interested in.
  • Nesta Cooper as Shannon, a chum of Darian's.
  • Meredith Monroe as Greer Bruner, Max's spouse.


In 2011, screenwriter Kelly Fremon Craig despatched a duplicate of her screenplay, Besties, to manufacturer James L. Brooks, hoping that Brooks might produce the movie.[10] Craig recalled, "I had written a spec version of this movie, and had been just an insane fan of Jim's for years and years. He became the crazy longshot I took within the starting! And one I by no means notion could sincerely paintings. But I sent him the script and he ended up taking on the undertaking."[11] The Edge of Seventeen is Craig's directorial debut.[10] She additionally produced the movie.[9]

On August four, 2015, Hailee Steinfeld was solid in the film to play the lead role, whilst Richard Sakai was also attached as a manufacturer of the movie.[6] On September 24, 2015, Woody Harrelson and Kyra Sedgwick joined the film's cast, with Harrelson gambling the position of a excessive faculty trainer and Sedgwick as the main individual's mother.[7] On October 6, 2015, Blake Jenner became cast within the film as Nadine's older brother, a famous and good-looking football participant who starts offevolved dating Nadine's first-class friend Krista.[9] Hayden Szeto become solid in the movie as Erwin Kim, Nadine's earnest classmate, who fumbles several attempts to win her affection via tons of the story. Haley Lu Richardson joined the film to play the position of Nadine's best friend Krista.[eight]

Principal pictures on the film began on October 21, 2015, in Hollywood North, then in Anaheim, California.[12][13] Filming also occurred in the Metro Vancouver vicinity, then at Guildford Park Secondary School and close to Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, British Columbia. Port Moody turned into also proven, with the film pageant taking place in City Hall.[14] Filming wrapped on December three, 2015.[15]Release[edit]

The Edge Of Seventeen - Wikipedia

  The Edge Of Seventeen - Wikipedia The Edge of Seventeen is a 2016 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by way of...